Childcare Registration

Admission Requirements and Enrollment Procedures

Introductory Visit:

We prefer that each new family visit our home at least one time prior to enrollment. This introductory visit gives the Parents, Child, and Provider opportunity to acquaint and get understanding of each other and gives an opportunity to get any questions answered.

Registration Fees

Registration Fee is $60.00 per child (one time only) to be paid with registration/admission documents. Registration fee covers administrative cost and is non-refundable.

Admission Forms

Following forms are required to enroll a child:

1. Child Care Registration
2. Permission Authorization
3. Child Care Agreement
4. Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) or similar form supplied by health professional.
5. A written list of foods the child cannot consume because of allergies.

Trial Period

We have a trial period of 2 weeks. This period is used to observe the child's adjustment to care and to talk about concerns. Please discuss with us any of your observations. After a two weeks trial period, we will determine if the child care services are satisfactory to everyone. If we or you decide that our child care is not working out for your child we will terminate the care.

Termination of Services

1. You are required to give me at least twoweeks’ notice of your intent to terminate care. I may ask you to fill out an exit questionnaire.

2. The following are conditions that will cause child care to be terminated:

  • Child behavioral problems that cannot be controlled
  • Not respecting child care setting and policies (children and/or parents)
  • Continual late pick-ups
  • Continual late payments

Permission for Free Access

You have the right to access during business hours to daycare areas of my home used for child care. You are welcome to visit or drop-in unannounced to observe your child. Please schedule time in advance if you would like to have a meeting with me, so we can arrange to speak away from the children.

Communication plan with parents/guardians

Please contact me in person, by phone or email anytime you have a question or concern about your child, or our child care program.

Drop off and pick up times are opportunities for us to communicate on a daily basis anything important about your child so that we can support each other in providing the best care to help your child thrive. Be sure to share with me anything you think I should know, and I will accommodate your request.

I will schedule a regular time to meet with you twice each year to discuss your child in a more formal way through a family/provider conference. In these conferences, we will communicate with each other about goals, strengths and challenges for your child, and how I can support you in your parenting as you support me in my care-giving.

Written plan for any child’s specific needs (see WAC 170-296A-0050)

Will discuss child’s needs with the parents and create a written plan.

Fees and Payment Plan

• Tuition is due on 1st and 15th of every month which is to be paid in advance.
• Tuition must be paid for all the days absent due to illness, vacation keep your child’s spot open.
• Day care closes promptly at 6:00 p.m. Parents will be charged $10 every 15 minutes after pickup time. Returned checks will be charged with a $30:00 bank and handling charge.
• Failure to pay on time is grounds for refusal of service.

Rates are:

5 days     $1000.00 per month
4 days     $900:00 per month
3 days     $750:00 per month
2 days     $525:00 per month
Drop in   $ 70:00 per day


5 days    $950:00 per month
4 days    $ 850:00 per month
3 days    $ 700:00 per month
2 days    $475:00 per month
Drop in   $60:00 per day


5 days   $850:00 per month
4 days   $775:00 per month
3 days   $600:00 per month
2 days   $400:00 per month
1 days   $ 55:00 per day

Note: All above rates are subject to change with 30 days’ notice.

Religious Activities

Christian morals and ethics will be followed. We accept children regardless of their religious background. One of our goals is to provide children with high quality care in addition to providing a basic understanding of God. Occasionally Bible stories or songs may be read.

We do recite grace before meals. Religious holidays observed by decorations in my home include: Christmas tree, Christmas decoration, Christmas gifts, Easter decorations and Easter egg hunt etc.